Upcoming RPGs Get New Ports and Delays for Days! The JRPG Weekly Update!

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JRPG Weekly Update Show Notes:
• Delays for Days
Release Date & Localization Updates:
• Death End re;Quest 2 by Idea Factory/Compile Heart for PS4
o Japanese Release Date: Feb 13 2020
• Bioware, victim of acquisition by EA, have announced that their upcoming title, “Dragon Age 4” has been pushed back into mid 2022.
o Originally announced nearly a year ago, this game has seen some rocky headlines ever since
 Including being reworked to be “Anthem with Dragons” in April this year,
 Lead Producer of the title quit the team in August after 12 year stint
 This bodes… poorly. But let’s hope for the best.
• Everreach: Project Eden by Elder Games delayed
o Originally planned to launch on Steam in September, it will now launch on Xbox One and Steam in December, with the PS4 release to follow in early 2020
• Tales of Crestoria, the mobile RPG has been delayed into 2020
o While part of me finds it hard to care about mobile RPGs, this game still looks pretty good!
o Hopefully it doesn’t get bogged down by the monetization choices that ruin most mobile games.
• Falcom revealed an expected release window for their next Trails series title.
o The game will be using a new graphics engine to help propel the visuals forward
o Presumably planned for PS4 only as we already know Falcom doesn’t seem to be interested in developing for switch
o Expecting to release in Japan during September of 2020. Little else is known at this time.
Ports and New Games
• Arc of Alchemist, another Idea Factory/Compile Heart Tactical RPG
o Originally it released in Japan on PS4, in Feb, then released on Switch in October with extra features including the ability to control all party members and others
o Those new features will be available on all of the PS4 and Switch releases coming to the west, planned for early 2020
• Alliance Alive HD Remaster has already launched on PS4 and Switch
o It’s now coming to PC
o Will be releasing on Steam on January 16th 2020
• Disco Elysium, a CRPG that just launched in October for PC
o Making its way to PS4 and Xbox One
o Coming early 2020
o Developers say it will translate well because the game doesn’t require much precision clicking, and is mainly played through dialog.
Other News:
• Persona 5 is now available on PlayStation plus this month until Feb 2020
o If you absolutely can’t wait for Persona 5 Royal, this could be a good opportunity to give the game a go!

JRPG Weekly Forecast:
• Pokemon Sword and Shield
o Clearly a game that needs no introduction and is sure to please everybody
 Launching on November 15th exclusively on Nintendo Switch
• Labyrinth of the Witch
o RPG by Orange Cube
 Coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch November 14th
• Romancing Saga 3 Remaster
o RPG by Square Enix originally launched in Japan on Super Famicom
 Coming to PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One Today!
• Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition
o Western CRPG based on the Dungeons and Dragons universe
 Coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 Tomorrow, November 12th
• If I have helped you decide to purchase any of these games, please consider using the affiliate links in the description to help support the show.

Question of the Week:
What is an RPG that you have played that you think had really excellent world-building and lore?
When I think of this question I can’t help but think of Dark Souls 1, which may or may not be an RPG by some people’s definition, but the world-design was fantastic, and was heavily steeped in lore that felt all the more richer because it wasn’t shoved down your throat, you had to go looking for it in item descriptions. But if you went looking it was there and hinted at a much bigger world and narrative that it was only letting you see a piece of.
Neverwinter online гайд

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