The Channel Map for DCS - Early Access Review

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CORRECTION: At 23:04 into the video I mention that the building was not in blackout. This was an error on my part as I forgot to set the map date to during the war. The buildings will observe the blackout if the correct time is set.
Here is Dover at night, with the mission date set to the war period:

I recommend skipping to the time-stamped sections as listed below.
2:27 Map limits and coverage
7:38 Time period/ setting *
11:37 Airfield that ARE in
19:33 Details/ modelling/ visuals & Viewer suggestions
31:13 Performance
34:18 Historian and Geographer's corner
41:03 Special unsolicited tip

MUSIC: "Thunderbolt" composed and arranged by me, I reserve all rights to this piece of music.

My specs:
AMD 3700x, GTX 1080Ti, 32GB 3200 RAM, Auros Pro X570 motherboard, 2TB drive
I use Warthog HOTAS for main controls
I have crosswind rudder pedals
Track-IR for head tracking, no VR
My DCS settings/ options:
My TrackIR profile:
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