Star Trek Online - Tactical PvP Build (2019 Edition)

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So, it's been a while.
I have been banned, now I am back.

So I decided to make a new video regarding my PvP build, or at least the dogfighter variant of it since it is definitely the most useful for most people, as well as understanding why things are chosen on it.

Audio is not the best ever, but it does the job :P
Still took long, despite what I said. There was a lot to go over, next will be shorter.
Also I missed to mention: The Competitive 3 piece is really good because it gives more bonus resistance and every 30 seconds you get a huge increase in bonus resistance, very strong on cloakers. Decent on non cloakers.

Duty Officers equipped:
Keel'el (Warp Core Engineer to clear all debuffs)
Emergency Conn Hologram (reset cd on evasive on EptE)
3x Aux2Bat Technician for Cooldowns
Quartermaster to reduce battery cooldown as mentioned.

Discord Handle: Nemesis#7979
Ask me any questions you feel like asking.

To some: Guys, get the fuck over it, nothing I said is like top secret shit and people have a right to know most of the obvious shit there is, I am sick of meeting noobs in Ker'rat that do not even know why the fuck we snipe them out of cloak. (Some people get offended about me making information sharing videos)

Anyway, thanks for watching and this video was really no effort to make, I am back for now until I get banned so if you have a request for video to make, just let me know. Otherwise I might get some ideas and just do it anyway.

Also something big might be coming up soon from my part.

See you next time, OmegaFighter/Nemesis
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