Office of ArcticAdopted: Captive Audience - Entangled Apprehension (v 1.12)

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aRcTiCADOpTeD presents Captive Audience - Entangled Apprehension (v1.12 ) Season Two Story One Volume Two

Volume One is here:

Coming Soon!
Volume Three: Constraining Devotion
Volume Four: Eluding Misgivings
Volume Five: Dispatching Sacrifice
Mid Season Finale

We appreciate your patience during this Open Beta process.
Our website and scripts are here..

All Voices are modulations of David B. Paul, creator of ArcticAdopted.
ArcticAdopted - Arctic Defense & Game Review. This is a story about David who suffers from Multiple Gaming Personalities and Isolation in the Arctic.
Special Thanks Character Creators from Archeage, Star Trek Online, Black Desert Online, Revelation Online, Warframe.
Screenshots from Cities: Skylines - City of Wade, Revelation Online, Riders Of Icarus, Star Trek Online, Black Desert Online, Archeage, Osiris New Dawn, Warframe, Neverwinter, Unturned, may include backgrounds from... Club Visuals, footageisland, AA VFX, Andrey Konstantinov, J STUDIO, TwoBuckLoops, 99darkshadows, HDgreenstudio, movietools. May include Motion Backgrounds by: "Amitai Angor, AA VFX"
We thank you for your patience and understanding during this open beta process ;) These videos are not considered a review. I am providing my perspective, opinions, and experiences through the characters I channel and create, who have origins in gaming worlds.
Viewer Discretion is always advised.
If you are interested in providing a cartoon or comic representation of these characters, or if you have screenshots you think we can use, please email us at We invite all viewers, who are interested in providing footage and feedback on games we have shown in our videos, to email us with details.
Multiple Personalities are past or future alts of your current character within this world. In this world, the answers are only rendered after the questions are asked.

If you like Star Trek, Stargate and Charmed you might enjoy my series...

Music Credits Volume One
Pucker Up by the Jingle Punks - Big thanks for the awesome opening theme

Chase Pulse Faster by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Neverwinter online обзор

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