Neverwinter: Zok Box update! Chest of Lost Adventurers

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The chest of lost adventurers have received a big drop rate update - and today we'll be analyzing how it is now!

Bag value data download:

Character Builder:

Pocket wiki:

Drop rates from 2520 chests:
Arcturia Music Box 0,32%
Jhesiyra's Tattered Mantle 0,36%
Trobriand's Conduction Cable 0,12%
Staff of Flowers 0,40%
Blooming Cord 0,32%
Woven Vine 0,16%
Kuo-Toa 0,36%
Level 1000 Gear 15,00%
Level 950 Gear 12,54%
Level 1010 Epic Companion Gear 8,45%
Level 990 Rare Companion Gear 26,98%
Level 980 Uncommon Companion Gear 14,64%
Rare vanity Pet 20,12%
Legendary Vanity Pet 0,28%

Masterwork sheets can be downloaded for free on my Patreon page

If you are new to the game, use this link to register for some extra rewards (including a bag and a mount) when you reach level 20!

Patrons: Amanda, Limulus, Shagking007, TheNickFloShow, Jessica, Kevin, Stiggy Iggy, ChinchyAnimal4 (Breakfast Club), Autumn Witch, Hubert, Andre, Robert, Pauli, Ian, Edward, sumplkrum, Krishna, Ben, larry

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