Neverwinter - TOMM 15:40 Solo Healer OP PoV Ps4 [M17]

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Gg everybody!
I've had a lot of requests about this so i thought i'd share a video showing my gameplay as solo heal.
My run was good, i f*cked up on one disintegration wave and one hypotermia split was messy so i decided to die alone not to cause further deaths.
Time of the run is 15:31 looking at the video but it skips 8-9 secs at 40% on 3rd phase (recording issue)
Just 4 of us had the lionheart set so there's a lot to improve still.
About me, i have 175k power, 162k crit, 122% crit sev and +50% outgoing healing (i'm using alabaster set cause i'm lazy and i miss a good equip for my pet).
I'll make a video about my build when i'll get the set and the stuff i'm missing.

Hope you enjoyed the video and the music as well!

My psn: GroveStreet_MF

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