Neverwinter: Previewing & Explaining Tower of the Mad Mage M17

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*This is not a "how to beat the trial" guide but more of a mechanics explanation from my point of view so I didn't provide a build guide."

I believe this is my very first video that is about a piece of content on preview which I tend to avoid making to avoid spoiling the fun for myself and others of a similar mindset. But because of how fun and challenging it was, I decided to do it.
I doubt there will be any major changes to the mechanics by the time this trial goes live and I hope the explanations I provided in this video would help players overcome this hardest content of the game to date.
*Correction to the Annihilation debuff stacks: it can go past 5 even though I don't think a tank can survive the hit with that many stacks without a dodge buff.*
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