Neverwinter PC - Giveaway Holy Vorpal Mythic Mount 2x Legendary Mounts 2x Epic Collars & Much More

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Here we are guys and girls, another giveaway in 2020 from me and my crew, sadly again only for neverwinter PC but i`m hoping i`ll get codes mid month and there will be something for my console viewers.
Now, we prepared for you good rewards, abit earlier then i announced but as i said in video milestone 4 or episode 4 of redeemed citadel is close and i`m gonna have alot of work to do, so this giveaway will be running for minimum 7 to 10 days.
Among the rewards for the giveaway are holy vorpal enchantment, mythic king of spines, 2 packs of t rex legendary mounts, 2 packs of epic mount collars, radiant r15, black owlbear, shadow drake and more.

Rules are as follows:

PC users leave standard hashtag PC and your @handle, DO NOT use multiple accounts ingame or on youtube.
When i raffle the winners, winner will have to reply on the raffle video from the SAME youtube account that i checked and give me his or her timezone in order to find them. IF you see me ingame send me a whisper, so help me abit.

After the raffle is done winners will have 7 days to leave the comment, and all is ok, if not, prizes, since they are from our stash and not cryptic codes, are gonna go to another giveaway so ring the bell and subscribe to get the notification when i post the raffle video.
Untill next giveaway northside is out!

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