Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Chapter 3 Elk Tribe Keep

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Hello and welcome back to Lord Fenton Gaming plays Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition. I am your host Lord Fenton. In today's Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition video I am in Chapter 3. This time I am going to break up the alliance with Luskan by going inside Neverwinter Nights Elk Tribe Keep to help them out. This video will contain the follow side quests done:

The Siege of Fort Ilkard
Investigate The Elk Tribe

Let me start off with Neverwinter Nights The Siege of Fort Ilkard. It is a side quest to stop the attacks on Fort Ilkard. I will be stopping that and the alliance with Luskan. After that I will turn in Neverwinter Nights Investigate the Elk Tribe. While all this is happening I will get Chapter 3 Daelan's Tale, Chapter 3 Tomi's Tale and Chapter 3 Linu's Tale items. So let's break up that alliance with Luskan and have fun doing so inside the Elk Tribe Keep. As always like, comment, and subscribe to my channel for more Neverwinter Nights and Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) content like this.


Intro - 0:07

NOTE: I got the feather from Fort Ilkard Orc Lair and because of that I was able to go inside the fort without anyone attacking. If your character is not evil OR up to combat go for the feather before entering the Elk Tribe Keep.

Book 1 for vault later - 0:54
Trap door - 1:27
Trap Chest - 1:40
Trap Chest had a random magic item - 2:04
Tomi's Tale Item - 2:43
Book 2 for vault later - 3:32
Speak with Zokan for update on The Siege of Fort Ilkard (Or kill him) - 4:18
Trap door - 5:07
Book 3 for vault later - 5:15
Use one of the books here to raid this vault - 6:23
Use one of the books here to raid this vault - 7:19
Use one of the books here to raid this vault - 7:54

NOTE: Time to go to Fort Ilkard to visit the commander to get the cure for the plague.

Pay up, kill the commander or talk him into giving you the cure - 10:08

NOTE: Time to cure the Elk Tribe so they break off that Luskan alliance.

Give, or force Zokan to pay for the cure (Or kill him too up to you on that) - 12:28

NOTE: You will get Daelen's Tale item for Chapter 3 and the item for Investigate the Elk Tribe to finish it.

Free Prisoner for easy xp - 13:29
Free Prisoner for easy xp - 13:58
Turn in for Investigate the Elk Tribe - 16:49

NOTE: Time to go to the Ruins zone and get Linu's Chapter 3 item. I am also going go inside the ruins to stop the video there.

Journal from dead Cultist - 19:10
Linu's Tale Chapter 3 item here - 21:13

Now I am inside the Creator Race Ruins, time to go for the 2nd words of power.

Here is where you can get this game on Good Old Games. Check out the link below on GoG:

Here is the Workshop and Neverwinter Nights Vault version of Aribeth by TheBarbarian:

Here is the Portrait Pack That was seen in the video during character creation. It's here for reference. The portrait I made my own:


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This was filmed with Nvida's Shadow Play on my PC!

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