Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Chapter 1 The Prison and Intellect Devourer Boss Fight

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Hello and welcome to Lord Fenton Gaming plays Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition. I am your host Lord Fenton. In today's Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition video, I am still in chapter 1 and this time I am going to prison. That is right, Neverwinter's Prison next to an middle class housing area. This video will take you from the start of the prison all the way to the Intellect Devourer Boss Fight and finally I am going to do a bunch of turn ins at the end including Lady Aribeth I am going to turn the drop from the Intellect Devourer. As always like, comment and subscribe to my channel for more Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition content like this.


Please Note I do loot everything NOT Naled down. If I see it and I can get it than it is looted. You might get a +1 item out of this.

Intro - 0:05

Prison 1

NOTE: Some instances I've used the camera as I was operating the levers to look for objects to loot up.

Loot Prison Storeroom Key and Book here - 3:02
Pull Lever here - 5:03
Pull Lever here - 6:39
Former Guard just for basic info - 8:20
Store Room (If you have the key than it opens automatically) - 9:11
Gang Leader Fight - 10:28
Guard Dog - 11:28
Guard Dog - 12:12
TRAPPED Chest Use Range to take out- 13:47
Go down to Prison 2 - 13:55

Prison 2

Follow Guy ASAP - 13:59
Use Lever so you can rest - 14:10
Speak with Guy - 14:14

After speaking to the guy, rest if your low on health, spell slots or both.

Prisoner Sorcerer (He tosses Fireballs as it was going out of style so be ready for henchman or henchwoman take a death and buff up before taking one on) - 15:09
Dead Prisoner Sorcerer Loot - 17:31
Lesson about Henchman or Henchwoman Death in case it was Linu - 17:50
TRAPPED Chest - 18:17
Use Lever here -20:27

At this point I was loot just for money which wasn't much still clean out the joint so you do not have to return.

TRAPPED Door - 24:32
The Pits Stairs and yes either way leads you down to The Pits - 25:51

The Pits

Use Lever here - 26:18
TRAPPED area - 27:49
TRAPPED area exposed - 28:17
Gang Leader - 31:50
Use Lever - 33:01
Once again Trap area avoid it - 34:12
Prisoner Sorcerer again he uses fireballs like crazy - 35:27
TRAPPED Chest range it - 35:59
Dead Prisoner Sorcerer Loot - 37:05
Level up - 38:04
Watch the floors trapped diamonds - 39:35
Trapped Door - 40:54
Kurdan Fenkt (NOTE you have a choice to keep him alive after the battle is over) - 41:57

Lair of the Devourer

Start of Intellect Devourer Boss Fight - 44:17
Speak with Guard to free em try at least 2 times than move on - 44:20
Guard to free - 44:34
Guard to free - 44:40
Trapped Chest with +1 Weapon Chest depending on Weapon Focus Feat you picked - 44:49
Guard to free - 44:58
Intellect Devourer Boss Fight fight - 45:12
Intellect Devourer Brain you need it dire quest item to turn in to Lady Aribeth - 48:33

Outside of Prison

Speak with Militia Leader for reward - 52:00
Speak with two NPCs for nothing - 53:20
Speak with one NPC for alignment points - 53:48
Turn in Intellect Devourer Brain - 54:17

That is one down and only three more to go to cure the Wailing Death Plague!!!

Here is the Workshop and Neverwinter Nights Vault version of Aribeth by TheBarbarian:

Here is the Portrait Pack That was seen in the video during character creation. It's here for reference. The portrait I made my own:

Please subscribe to my channel:

Here is all my builds playlist:

This was filmed with Nvida's Shadow Play on my PC!

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