Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Chapter 1 The Docks District Part 2

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Hello and welcome to Lord Fenton Gaming plays Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition. I am your host Lord Fenton. In today's Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition episode I am going inside Androd's Estate to steal an piece of art for the Moonstone Mask. Yeah I am doing that while looting up the entire joint. After looting that estate up of it's goodies I am going to do next is enter the Seedy Tavern via BloodSailor outfit. The other route is the side door locked and you can do either routes to get inside. After that I am going to get to the basement to storm the BloodSailor's Lair and while I am at it, Linu will be used to "Disarm" traps. I will end the at the point where I am getting ready to storm the Silver Sails Company. As always like, comment, subscribe to my channel and use Linu or any other henchmen as bait for traps.


Intro - 0:05
Doorman - 0:36

NOTE: I will not timestamp all the combat. They are just cannon folder. I will mark one combat that is different and yes traps will be marked too.

Two Crag Cats - 8:26
Trapped Door - 9:14
Speak with Androd - 11:06
Quest item, Sickle + 1 and Key here and yes this key OPENS all the locked chests not anything else locked - 11:57

NOTE between the door route and BloodSailor Outfit route, I went the BloodSailor Outfit Route. Both routes will get you in!!!

BloodSailor Route - 16:01
What your Smuggler's Coin you can use to buy what - 16:23
Information and Vendor that allows you to sell stolen goods and/or traps - 16:46
Win the drinking game with the Half Orc to get an key if you win (HIGH Con required) - 17:15
Chef you can speak to and yes Persuade success will net you in - 19:29
Speak with the Dwarf to get a password to give to Chef to let you in - 20:36

Start of clearing the BloodSailor Lair - 22:07
BloodSailor Lieutent - 25:35
Double Traps - 27:12
Linu Laneral triggers the deadly trap - 27:18
Diamond Inside for Recipe of the Forge - 27:23

Down further inside BloodSailor Lair - 27:55
Speak to this NPC for important item - 28:38
Trapped Chest - 33:15
Exit - 37:05

I will admit that was a blast. First Androd Estate got looted, entering the Seed Tavern fun, getting into the BloodSailor lair fun too, Getting the important item fun and best of all Linu Laneral taking one for the team.

Here is the Workshop and Neverwinter Nights Vault version of Aribeth by TheBarbarian:

Here is the Portrait Pack That was seen in the video during character creation. It's here for reference. The portrait I made my own:

Please subscribe to my channel:

Here is all my builds playlist:

This was filmed with Nvida's Shadow Play on my PC!

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