Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Chapter 1 BlackLake District Part 1 Swords of Never and More

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Hello and welcome to Lord Fenton Gaming plays Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition. I am your host Lord Fenton. In today's Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition episode I am going to start the side quests for Blacklake District. That is right it will range from finishing the Tomb of Never to cleaning out the rest of the estates for Ophala. So here are the quests I will either complete or set up to complete in the next video.

Temple of Tyr - Never's Tomb
Moonstone Mask: Art Theft

As an added bonus if you achievement/trophy hunters out there I will show you all how to defeat the Swords of Never for:

These Swords are Poorly Balanced

So that is it, with Linu deaths and one death myself to prove that traps are deadly. On with the Side Quests to do. As always like, comment, subscribe to my channel and use Linu or any other henchmen as bait for traps.


Intro - 0:05

Speak to Little girl and Persuade her for information - 1:08
Inside house speak with mother than interact with the bookcase - 1:30
Drop Dart/Arrow inside chest to enter and prepare for the Campaigns toughest fight - 2:32

Special Note How to Beat Swords of Never: There are ways to loot that armor, sneak, snatch and grab or do what I did was fight the four swords. The most effect way to defeat em is to use Linu as bait while you go down the stairs and behind the entrance to the tomb. After you arrive if 1-2 follow you defeat em. I'd advise only one to make it much easier. I will post a separate video guide on this for those of you who want to earn These Swords are Poorly Balanced.

Start of the Four Swords of Never Encounter - 2:51
Last Sword dead - 7:40
Loot here for Halueth's Rusted Armor - 7:46

NOTE: I am turning this in for the video for one important reason, to show you all that if you Persuade for the Adamantite and win it than you will get the 2nd one in the entire game. Make sure you SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE SPEAKING. I cannot stress that enough.

Speak with Olaf and Persuade for Adamantite. The Temple of Tyr - Never's Tomb Side Quest will be complete - 8:23
Adamantite number 2 in bag - 9:06
Trapped Chest - 10:05

Enter the Rumbottom Estate here - 11:46

NOTE: I will only count special encounters and traps plus Rumbottom himself. When you reach Thoms Rumbottom and threaten him guards will appear. GREAT way to get some unlimited exp for awhile.

Threatening Thoms Rumbottom will trigger combat unlimited times - 22:30
Painting for Moonstone Mask: Art Theft and Spear +1 here - 23:39

Enter here for Hodge Estate - 25:04

NOTE: There are TONS of traps. I will try my best to list every single one of em. Trust me traps kills and you will see.

Trap here - 25:07
Trap here - 25:14
Trap here - 25:51
Trap Exposed near by - 26:04
Trap Exposed near by - 26:09
Trap here - 26:38
Two Traps and watch out for the door one - 26:41
Trap here - 27:21
Crag Cat encounter - 27:29
Talk to Halfling just for minor info - 27:48
Trap here - 28:45
Trap ahead - 29:04
Trap here - 29:35

NOTE: I decided to show off why traps kills. Remember people die at the fair all the time. Well Traps kill people all of the time in a DnD game, settings, table top and other things.

Death trap and yes I died - 29:51
Trap at Door - 30:41
Trap at Door - 33:18
Trap at Door - 34:25
Trap at Door - 34:33
Trap at Door - 36:08
Trap after door is busted - 36:52
Trap at Chest - 37:01
Get Funny Note, Club + 1 and Urn for Moonstone Mask: Art Theft - 37:30
Trap near chest - 37:53

In the next video I will finish every single one of the side quests in the Blacklake district. I did get my busket list of taking out the Swords of Never.

Here is the Workshop and Neverwinter Nights Vault version of Aribeth by TheBarbarian:

Here is the Portrait Pack That was seen in the video during character creation. It's here for reference. The portrait I made my own:

Please subscribe to my channel:

Here is all my builds playlist:

This was filmed with Nvida's Shadow Play on my PC!
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