Neverwinter Nights: EE - Shadows of Undrentide - Character Creation - Fighter/Sorcerer/Arcane Archer

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My preliminary setup for a multiclassed fighter / sorcerer / arcane archer to play through SoU on very difficult with. My last character was a crossbow using sorcerer / RDD and although his magic was powerful I felt the bow was lacklustre (albeit necessary at times). I decided to do things differently for this character and flip it around, so he will have a much more powerful bow but less powerful magic (actually the magic will be just as powerful, but will develop slower and be behind the curve compared to the sorcerer / RDD).

I chose fighter class for my first level, to get the feats necessary for arcane archer and to be eligible for weapon specialization feats later on. I went for elf as my race, elves or half-elves are the only races that can be arcane archer. The character stats I pick would be poor for a standard fighter, as the strength and con are too low, but for the archer / sorcerer I intend to become they're good. It's similar to my last character but I put more in dex and less in con.
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