Neverwinter Nights: EE - PC - Chapter 2 - South Road (Blind, Very Difficult)

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The South Road portion of chapter two, played blind on the hardest difficulty using a sorcerer. Having explored and completed most of the North Road I begin my search of the South Road.

Like most of my other RPG playthroughs I haven't edited out the "boring" bits, so this includes all inventory management, travelling, shopping, levelling etc. You can skip or ffwd anything of course but I prefer to leave it all in for archive purposes and to show a full raw representation, for better or worse, of my experience playing this game. Timecodes are included to help you navigate. I have spliced at save points if I reloaded though, so whenever you see an abrupt camera angle change after a save screen that's usually due to a reload.

00:00:00 - South Road Arrival
00:08:40 - South Road - Cave
00:55:40 - South Road - Cave (Bran)
01:15:58 - South Road - Warnev's Tower Cellar
01:22:53 - South Road - Warnev's Tower - Main Floor
02:07:51 - South Road - Warnev's Tower - Summoning Chambers
02:38:47 - South Road - Farmland Arrival
02:56:34 - South Road - Cave (Silverback)
03:17:34 - Bounty Hunt - Stirge
03:25:29 - Erik's Despair
03:58:54 - Charwood - Haunted Forest Arrival
04:18:10 - Charwood Arrival
04:38:24 - Charwood - Castle Jhareg - Main Floor
04:48:20 - Charwood - Castle Jhareg - Quint's Chambers
06:07:45 - Charwood - Castle Jhareg - Karlat's Chambers
08:17:16 - The Judgement
08:55:22 - Charwood - Haunted Crypt
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