Neverwinter Nights: EE - Neverwinter Nights: EE - Terror in Ten Towns (Blind, Very Difficult)

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A blind playthrough of Terror in Ten Towns on very difficut using an epic level sorcerer / RDD. This module was created by Azurn and is a no nonsense tale of saving Ten Towns from a dragon. It was intended more for mid-level characters but I'd already played through a bunch of challenging modules with Celad Swift and was just having fun at this stage continuing his story and legacy. I've left everything in so includes all inventory management, shopping etc, skip at your leisure. There are no credits, you have to quit the game to end the module once the final quest is over, although the game remains fully open. I had to mute the sound in the Eastway area as the music caused this video to get blocked worldwide.

Chronological playlist of modules and campaigns I played with this character here.

00:01:05 - Bryn Shander Arrival
00:27:19 - Road to Bremen's Run
00:30:38 - Bremen's Run
00:36:29 - Kelvin's Cairn
00:50:38 - Darshin's Tower
01:28:17 - Darshin's Tower: Dungeon
01:56:52 - Bandit Caves
02:33:56 - Road to Redwaters
02:38:15 - Road to Redwaters: Cave
02:49:02 - Road to Redwaters: Mausoleum Crypt
03:18:34 - The Eastway
03:34:51 - The Eastway House
03:40:43 - Icewind Pass
03:51:46 - Barbarian Tundra
03:59:13 - Reghed Glacier
04:07:04 - Reghed Glacier: Lair of Drenosis
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