Neverwinter Nights: EE - Aribeth's Redemption - Chapter Three, Part 1 (Blind, Very Difficult)

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Aribeth's Redemption - Chapter Three, played blind on the hardest difficulty using a sorcerer. This is the final module in the trilogy and the longest. Aribeth has four heroic deeds remaining before her penance is complete and this part goes up to accomplishing the first one. I've left everything in so includes all inventory management, shopping, levelling etc, skip at your leisure, timecodes included.

The character used was exported direct from Chapter 2 and had already been through the OC and Chapter 1 prior, full playlist here.

00:00:00 - Start
00:24:38 - Overlook
00:57:52 - Silverymoon Arrival
01:44:05 - Desolate Valley
02:21:44 - Vale of Sune
02:28:59 - Wedding Chapel
03:09:44 - River Campsite
03:41:11 - Temple of Sune
04:48:49 - Outpost of the Order
05:11:35 - Waterdeep Docks
06:41:13 - Dock Sewers
07:04:53 - Underwater Tunnel
07:07:53 - Sassalvgin
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