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 Neverwinter Nights Brute Squad Rogue Build

Neverwinter Nights Brute Squad Rogue Build

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Hello and welcome to Lord Fenton Gaming plays Neverwinter Nights. I am your host Lord Fenton. In today's Neverwinter Nights build video, I am going to be building the Brute Squad Rogue Build. This Strength Based Rogue Build is very powerful. With this Neverwinter Nights Rogue Build you can wield the weapon of your choice and do critical damage. Even with a great sword. This Neverwinter Nights Build has a few Fighter levels and one Shadowdancer for that pop in and pop out of stealth fun. This Neverwinter Nights Epic Rogue Build can get your to 40 with ease. With the enough tools I've picked for this build you can take out foes that is not immune to critical hits and those immune to it. This Brutal Squad build works great for Level 1-20 too. So your Rogue/Fighter/Shadowdancer at 1-20 should have no problems and at Epic Levels smooth sailing. Let's go sneak attack with this build and survive. As always like, comment and subscribe to my channel for more Neverwinter Nights builds like this that also works for Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition.


Intro - 0:07

Character Creation

Gender - 0:59
Race - 1:02
Portraits - 1:15
Classes (Level 1 Rogue) - 1:26

NOTE: This build will start out as a Level 1 Rogue than 4 levels of Fighter than back to Rogue til the requirements are filled. At Level 8 One Level of Shadowdancer than back to Rogue til Level 24 than finally Fighter and last but not least rest of the levels are Rogues. So basically your backstabbing anything even with a greatsword.

Alignment - 1:56
Abilities - 2:01
Skills - 2:27
Feats - 3:04
Final Advice on character Creation - 3:17

1-20 levels

Level 1 to 4 Fighter (Level 2 to 5) - 4:10
Level 2 to 3 Rogue (Level 6 to 7) - 5:28
Level 1 Shadowdancer (Level 8) - 6:38
Level 4 to 15 Rogue (Level 9 to 20) - 6:55


Level 16 to 18 Rogue (Level 21 to 23) - 11:37
Level 5 Fighter (Level 24) - 12:46
Level 19 to 34 (Level 25 to 40) - 13:10

Gear - 19:54

Pre-Combat Test - 20:53
Can do Crits on Foes - 21:15
Undead No Crits - 22:09

With this build your str Rogue can not only take out foes that can be critical hit but those immune to it too. Yes sneak attack with any weapon you feel even with a greatsword.

Here is where you can get this game on Good Old Games. Check out the link below on GoG:

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This was filmed with Nvida's Shadow Play on my PC!

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