Neverwinter Nights any% speedrun in 31:49 (WR) COMMENTATED

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This is the commentated version of the run. For the original video, go to:

It isn't obvious from the commentary but what I meant is that I want to be a level 4 Wizard before the False Helmite fight so that I get two extra spell slots for that particular rest.


Human (extra feat at level 1)
Wizard 4 / Monk 16 (Wizard for spells/Familiar, at least level 16 Monk for speed/damage)
Lawful Evil (Lawful for Monk, Evil to get more XP from Chaohinon quest)

Strength 18 (22) (increased chance of hitting enemies)
Dexterity 8
Constitution 15 (16) (extra hit points)
Intelligence 14 (able to cast 2nd level spells, extra level 2 spell slot)
Wisdom 8
Charisma 8


Appraise 2 (10) (better prices at merchants)
Concentration 4 (avoid spells being disrupted)
Lore 4 (15+) (able to identify Cloak of Movement)
Open Lock 1 (able to pick locks)
Persuade 1 (higher chance of persuading Former Guards at Intellect Devourer)
Tumble 2 (avoid Attacks of Opportunities when moving)


Toughness (extra hit points)
Weapon Focus (martial) (able to wield Greatsword)
Extend Spell (double duration Expeditious Retreats)

There's still room to try a half orc instead of human for extra Strength at the cost of hit points.
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