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Okay guys and girls, i decided to test the limited offer, again, in neverwinter currently redeemed citadel, still, not for long though and i opened 6 packs of 20 Zen only lockboxes that comes with 20 pack of keys.
Naturally you can buy the lockbox form the auction house but they are really pricey at about 70 to 80k astral diamonds per lockbox.
Name of the lockbox is Magnificent Resurgence Lockbox it comes in a bundle of 20 keys for 2000 zen with 20 lockboxes as i mentioned that can be only be obtained buying trough zen store or from the AH but at a high price.
I went with 120 bucks of worth meaning 6 packs of 20 keys, yes i mentioned that you can use the coupons however i choosed it like this.
Pros are that the mounts are account wide, companion packs actualy worth something, mount pack also, and vorpal, i`m not counting rest of the rewards eventho legendary insignias and other things can give you back some of the money you put in or ad or call it whatever you want.
I think i did not broke even with 12 000 zen invested, i would need to do the math, but i did it on a preview shard not in or out of my pocket.
The zax backlog is still rising and it remains a big issue, regardless of this offer, we are now almost at 40 milion zax backloged and that is very very bad overall.
Anyways, that`s it for now, tune in to streams don`t forget about the giveaway that is ongoing and i will see you soon, northside.

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