Neverwinter Mod 19 - First Look Mythic Mount Personal Car Walk the Path of the Fallen Campaign

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Finally it`s here, long awaited mod 19 is here. Well here, as in live preview, and northside is bringing you exclusive first look at entire zone, campaign, teasers of new weapons, areas of interest, heroic encounters, gear, and so much more.
I put alot of effort in this video, and i hope you will guys and girls like it.
I got much much much more to show you and it is all prepared and reeady to publish.
Zariel trial will be covered by Rainer (my man rules) and i was invited t cover promotional part of the module.
I covered new gear from mod 19 in next video in detail do not worry guys, also artifact, new rings and all kind of goodies. And yes again, there are mythic mount ingame.

Huge thank`s to all for following me so long hey it`s mod 19 already, damn.

If you wish to donate and have the means and good will you can do it on this link: or join my channel membership.

Neverwinter Mod 19 - First Look Mythic Mount Drive Car Walk the Path of the Fallen & More Northside

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