Neverwinter Mod 18 - Full Map of Rare Monsters Spawn Locations Gear Drops Northside 1080p

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Here is the finished map of named monsters, or new mod 18 hunts as i call them for Avernus. We have got all drops now and i was able to put it together and my friend Stefan finished the map with nice picture of each monster and also gear that they drop with picture also of it ty brother.
Shoutout to Grim Kaal for pointing out Sir galahan spawn being moved, and Arishok & SorryDMG for helping me out and being kind.
I hope you guys will like it, i wish you all a Merry Christmas and all best in next year, Northside.

Here is the link to the map in 2 formats jpg and png:


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Neverwinter Mod 18 - Full Map of Named Monsters Spawn Locations Gear Drops Northside 1080p

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