Neverwinter Mod 16 - Lair of The Mad Mage pt1 Mobs + Arcturia Fight Goofy Edition Unforgiven (1080p)

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Alright guys, i know i said i wont be running lair of the mad mage any time soon but i got some friends that wanted to try it out so i went along and had fun, which is all that is left at the moment and motivate me to even play mod 16 undermountain.
It is a first time most of us are there, barbarian damage is very very low as excpected but as i said we will see how things will unfold in next couple of weeks.
I will upload 2nd part tommorow some time i think, and last boss is acting currently so we may have to wait.So, far from perfect run more goofing arround but we can see new dungeon of the mage mage.
Thank you all and see you soon!

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