Neverending Daze - Episode 06 - Task of the Naysayer.

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This is the first episode that Atari contacted us for to do a promotional video for the first expansion of NEVERWINTER NIGHTS entitled Mask of the Betrayer. The expansion added new classes and races to the game (among other things). When I began writing this episode, I wanted to do a play on the title of the expansion, and thus came up with “Task of the Naysayer.” So I revolved the episode around one character who is trying to get his friends to adventure with him; but his two friends are very reluctant (and thus naysayers). I wanted Adam to be the main character, who gets frustrated, because Adam does a great job playing the characters that always feel frustrated. Paul was supposed to play the Dwarf once again, but declined to reprise his role; so I had done the voice of both the Dwarf and the Halfling.
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