Neverending Daze - Episode 02 - What Is Beauty? (Part One)

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This episode is an example of what happens when you begin writing the script before you actually get a copy of the game. Imagine if George Lucas had written Star Wars and they said, “Sorry, we can’t have Darth Vader.” (Not that I am comparing myself to George Lucas, or even comparing Neverending Daze to Star Wars, but you get the idea…) Anyway – I wrote this episode with the intention of the main villain of the episode being a BEHOLDER. After all, it’s NEVERWINTER NIGHTS, based on FORGOTTEN REALMS, and what is Forgotten Realms without its notorious BEHOLDERS, right? Well apparently, the Alpha & Beta copies we got to make the series with – they hadn’t gotten around to adding Beholders to the game. I had hoped to make references to the old DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Cartoon; but that was out the window – so I scrambled to change the script around and develop a new story. I kept the same title, however. Originally the title, “What Is Beauty?” was to refer to “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.” (Get it?) But it changed – because the episode (this and the next) would tie in, with judging appearances (and thus, being in the eye of the beholder; but this time, not the monster).
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