Lucca's Nether HC - Episode 2 (The Monsters Within)

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The team continues their trek to find a Nether Fortress.


This series was GREATLY inspired by PBGGAMEPLAY and his Hardcore Series.

Character Descriptions:


Lucca is the definition of always on edge, which is why he can lead a group effectively. Any sign of danger means that he will run thousands of kilometers away in the opposite direction. However, since he doesn’t have the best projection of voice, his warnings occasionally go unheard.


The scholar of the group. He knows a lot about every given game he plays. However, that doesn't mean he's bad at these games. He's helpful both in the front lines, using his knowledge to fight foes off, or giving his teammates the tips and tricks they need to survive.


Although he likes to stay away from dangerous situations, for the most part, Kai’s willing to do anything it takes to keep his friends out of danger in the first place. He keeps the team level headed and stops them from straying off into the dark to do something unintelligent. He is what most would call the glue.


The most well-rounded member of the group. Whereas all the other members have hyperbolic personalities, Iron’s a bit of all of them. He likes joking around and being serious as well. He’s got an adequate amount of experience in Minecraft and other games.


The one and only Serpia! He’s got glamor! He’s got glory! He’s captivated all! If it weren’t for his epic quotes, and overall mayhem, the team would be incomplete. Not only is he aware of himself, but of his surroundings as well, making him fast in his travels.


With sarcastic and dry remarks on her side, Shard is always the first to a joke. Her quick thinking keeps her on her toes and brainstorming possible strategies to overcome any of the group’s current burdens when she isn't busy trying to find a bridge to jump off.


Lucky is the team’s designated shitposter. Although his experience in tracking and combat is alright, his captivating humor can be one of the only things holding the team together in tough circumstances. This is precisely why he’s the best support known to man.


Fricc isn’t just an exception to the rule that luck equals skill. He’s the prime example the rule doesn’t exist. In short, the only reason you don’t want this intrepid explorer to be in the fray of the group is the constant raincloud that follows in his wake.


Murnax, although quiet for most of the time, speaks when he needs to (and when he wants to join the team’s occasional foolery). Since he listens more than speaks, he’s nearly always got his ears perked for threats. This helps him massively in his chances of survival.

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Ross Budgen - Fall
Skyrim OST - Dawn
Skyrim OST - Frostfall
Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Saphire OST - Zienna Battle
Neverwinter Nights 2 OST - (Same track I forgot the name of)
Final Fantasy Tactics OST - (Another song I forgot the name of)
Myuu - Something's Wrong
Don't Starve Together OST - Winter's Feast Menu Theme
Firewatch OST - Beartooth Point
Dead By Daylight OST - Chase Music #2

~~Content Warnings~~
- Coarse Language
- Cartoon Violence
Neverwinter online обзор

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