Let's Play Neverwinter Nights 2 - Part 7 *Blind*

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Blind run, no spoilers, please!!

We head into the ruins in the swamp with Bevil (ugh), to retrieve the silver shard hidden there by Daeghun.

This is my first LP ever, please be gentle with me.
Class: Warlock - Alignment: Lawful Evil - Difficulty: Hardcore

Neverwinter Nights 2 is a RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment. Released in 2006 by Atari.

Expansions, mods and other things used:
Mask of the Betrayer + Storm of Zehir Expansion Packs

United Colors (SoZ version)

Oblivion to NWN2 Head package + Hair package

*All copyrighted material belongs to it's respective copyright holder. This video is commentary in nature under the fair use policy of copyright. I do not profit from this video.*
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