Hyundai N | The Evolution of N - Experience the Winter Test with Thierry Neuville

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Hyundai rally driver Thierry Neuville gets to experience the evolution of N for himself, from the familiar i20 WRC to the Rolling Lab RM19 and the new N prototype — the i20 N. Using inspiration from motorsport to push the limits of high performance, it can only be tested in the most extreme weather, and Neuville got to feel the results of the process firsthand. Watch and see the new N in the making.

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N is for those who crave high performance and want to love every second of their drive.

Born in Namyang, honed in Nurburgring. Hyundai N isn’t named for just a place, it’s the experience you get around every N-shaped chicane, corner, and hairpin. It’s fun, heart-pumping excitement that you can own and N-joy.

Inspired by motorsports, Hyundai N is based on three pillars:
Being a Corner Rascal, always hungry for corners
Being your Everyday Sports Car, for driving your daily commute or on the track
And having Race Track Capability, so you can drive N hard on the track just as it is.

We don't just build cars, we make the feeling.
Feel the feeling.
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