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This is a video critique and analysis of all three of Rockstar's Red Dead games, along with GUN by Neversoft. It looks at the evolution of the video game western and tries to place these games in context with other Western media that inspired and surrounded them. It looks at them thematically, mechanically, and with a particular eye for what makes them special as a Western. SPOILERS THROUGHOUT.

Also, here's that link to the Red Dead Revolver history I found so helpful: https://www.polygon.com/2018/10/17/17986118/how-the-red-dead-franchise-began-angel-studios-capcom-rockstar


Red Dead Revolver-- 0:04:48

GUN-- 00:23:13

Red Dead Redemption-- 0:50:48

Undead Nightmare-- 1:30:27

Red Dead Redemption 2-- 1:41:56

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