Heavy Moon vs All Ash Aragami [5 Perfect Clears] - God Eater 3

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5 Perfect Clears with Heavy Moon versus each Ash Aragami in God Eater 3.

0:00 - Ra [3'10"13]
3:15 - Nuadha [1'37"78]
5:00 - Balmung [2'34"28]
7:40 - Anubis [1'56"85]
9:43 - Dromi [2'11"66]

Lunar Orbit got nerfed in 1.40, but due to Moon's damage increase, it resulted in more of a no-change than a nerf. I still think it should be outright nerfed and be half as strong as it really is.

Heavy Moon is one of the best weapons in the game because Lunar Orbit is so good. Apocalypse Axe and some of its other Arts that aren't frequently used are good under certain conditions, and I kinda sorta wanted to show that in this video.

But its still extremely hard to ignore Lunar Orbit when picking Burst Arts because its practically the best BA in the game in my opinion. (Note I said best and not funnest to use)

Taking that into account, a hard nerf to Lunar Orbit might actually make Heavy Moon fall a few ranks when talking about it being one of the best weapons in GE3. But that's a whole other topic altogether.

BTW Moonlit Dawn got a hell of a buff and legit might be the single strongest art in the game, but its usage conditions for a Lv3 charge are downright silly and I really couldn't get it to work practically in any of the runs I recorded for this video.
Maybe if I used items or custom bullets....


Gun: Rank 7 Assault 'Savage Hail EX'
-Trickster Lv5
-Trickster Lv5
-Cool Gunner Lv5

Shield: Rank 7 Buckler 'Autumn Fan'+30
-Stamina Lv5
-Stamina Lv5
-Item Adept Lv5
-Item Adept Lv5

Burst Unit: MPW 22mm
Accel Trigger: Breaker
-For Balmung: Phantom

For Ra: Rank 7 'Grand Claw EX'+30 [11th Hour Lv10, Tricky Lv5]
For Balmung & Nuadha: Rank 7 'Sothis'+30 [11th Hour Lv10]
For Anubis: Rank 7 'Nephthys'+30 [11th Hour Lv10]
For Dromi: Rank 7 'Shockring EX'+30 [11th Hour Lv5]

Burst Arts:
-For Ra, Nuadha, Anubis: Lunar Feast [Floating Mine]
-For Balmung, Dromi: Apocalypse Axe [Explosive Blast]
-For Ra: Twilight Moon [Explosive Blast]
-For Nuadha, Balmung, Dromi: Lunar Orbit [Blade Storm]
-For Anubis: Falling Moon [Floating Mine]
Step: Calamity Nova [Floating Mine]

Music in order of appearance:
-Sky Scraper High (Hyde's Theme) [Under Night In-birth]
-Monochrome Memory (Seth's Theme) [Under Night In-birth]
-Mutual Situation (Hyde vs Seth Theme) [Under Night In-birth]
-NEO Briefing [God Eater 2]

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