GTA 5 Firefighter Mod New LSPDFR Fire Callouts Brush Firetruck JackTheDev

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GTA 5 Paramedic / Firefighter Mod. New Fire Callouts For LSPDFR. JackTheDev Non-ELS Brush Firetruck Showcase For FiveM. Fire Callouts Patreon Early Access Showcase Showing off A Work In Progress Hose & Nozzle System To Put Out Two Wildfires & A Structure Fire With A Ford F-550 Brush Firetruck.

Fire Callouts lets you respond to 14 different types of calls such as Structure Fires, Brush Fires, Car Fires, Car Accidents, MVA With Pin & More.

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GTA 5 Paramedic Mod New Durastar Ambulance With Stretcher Responds To A Fire (LSPDFR Fire Callouts)

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Fire Callouts ( Structure Fires, Brush Fires, Extraction Saw & More)

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