Golem PSVR pre-review first impressions - MY HORRIFYING experience - PS4

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A first impressions pre-review of the opening areas of Golem for PSVR / PS4. Find out why giant insect jump-scares were so horrifying to me that I wonder if I have been left with PTSD! Discover what the controls are and how well they work.

Highwire Studios is the independent developer co-founded by Halo theme composer Marty O’Donnell and Jaime Griesemer who was a game designer on inFamous, Halo and Destiny.

Golem vs Golem fights video:


[00:00] Screaming playing Golem PSVR because of attack by giant insects
[00:25] Not a review of Golem PSVR - a first impressions of the opening levels
[00:41] Golem by Highwire Games a brief history of the reveal and composer
[01:20] Golem PSVR story and world setting in African Saharan like town
[01:45] Golem PSVR headset Russian doll conceit Move controller & dream stone
[02:21] Golem PSVR controls and playability Move controller and DualShock 4
[02:52] Golem PSVR doesn’t have teleport movement - lean to move causes motion sickness
[04:30] Golem PSVR has horrifying jump scares where giant insects jump on your face
[05:52] Marty O’Donnell’s composed Golem PSVR soundtrack. Halo signature strings & drums.
[06:01] Golem PSVR combat and gameplay mechanics
[06:46] Golem PSVR horrifying attack by giant hissing insects

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