Final Fantasy X HD (LIVE) P.8

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Hello. Have fun going through my videos with adventures in Crafts, Cosplay, Life and Video Games. Enjoy!

Currently playing PS4 Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 and the classic PC Neverwinter Nights 2.

Future plans are in development for my channel, new topics coming soon. This is me. Welcome :)

All little about myself-

At age 19 I was a computer animation and special effects instructor in Los Angeles.
Then at 22 I went to college to pursue CG effects and acting for animation, which included Ballet, Jazz dance, and traditional animation for another 2 year.

Nov 13 2004 I went to MEPS to join the United States marine corps and went to boot camp in 2005 as 0300 infantry where I became 0311 Infantry Rifleman.
My deployments are as follows
2006 Falluja, Iraq
2007- 2008 Falluja, Iraq
2009 Okinawa, Japan
2010-2011 Sangin, Afghanistan
2012 Sangin, Afghanistan

Retired June 30 2014
I do have medical conditions which I will not speak of here. I'm just trying to cope with my life experiences
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