Beyond The Screen : Episode #4 : D&D Encounters Storm Over Neverwinter - Session 4 Recap

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Storm Over Neverwinter Session 4 Recap

The acrid smell of smoke lingers in the evening air as the skies open and unleash buckets of rain in a torrential downpour. The screams and cries of townsfolk ring out amidst the blasts of the guards' horns, the cracks of lightning, and the rumbles of thunder. Chaos erupts around the city of Neverwinter. The mad and marked are lashing out! The general population devolves into looters, thieves, and thugs. Who can help our party of adventurers make headway in this chaos?

A small girl, a street urchin, one of the leaders of the Little Rats. With her connections and shortcuts through the city she spirits our adventurers away from chaos as best she can... for a price. After interacting with looters, a wild carriage, and a hurt gang member, the adventurers track a group of purposeful-looking cultists to a fine house in the wealthy district.

The cultists break down the front door and storm in. As the group listens in from outside, they learn that the cultists have broken into and confronted Elden Vargas, a leading merchant. He threatens them, waving his spear at them, but they pounce and our stalwart adventurers jump in to help.

After a tense battle, Elden thanks the adventurers for saving his life. He explains that he was once a war wizard in Corymyr, and the Ashmadai want him dead. He means to rescue his wife from her captivity in Helm's Hold (an asylum for those driven mad by malevolent magic) and, if the adventurers help, he may be able to find a cure for all those afflicted with this madness.

So rest up, adventurers, because it's time to head into the eye of the storm. With all those marked with the sign of Asmodeus being sent to Helm's Hold there's lots of trouble brewing at the asylum.
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