Beyond the Screen : Episode #3 : D&D Encounters Storm Over Neverwinter - Session 1 Recap

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Welome to the Beyond the Screen : Episode 3, brought to you by the Twenty Sided Store.

Today we will recap the first week of our new season of D&D Encounters : Storm Over Neverwinter.
You can join us every Wednesday at 7:00pm.
Joining me today is Neil as Sir Nathan Fairweather.

Official recap by Giaco Furino:
D&D Encounters : Storm Over Neverwinter - Session 1 Recap

Heavy rain dashed against the windows of the Moonstone Mask. Our adventurers found themselves in the city of Neverwinter sheltering themselves from the rain. The Moonstone Mask, built on top of a floating earth mote, bobbed and floated in the heavy wind. The inn was packed with townsfolk, soldiers, and travelers. The adventurers met many interesting figures at the inn, including a love-lorn drunken dwarf, a bawdy rumor mongering halfling, and the merchant Lady Nidris.  As the adventurers mingle with the crowd they pick up all types of important information about the city as it currently stands.

Locals have been kidnapped from their homes, their beds, the middle of the street. After going missing for days they always return with a strange branding on their bodies. Other than the mark, there's seems to be no sign of foul play. But these locals, perhaps your brother, or best friend, or father, come back changed. Prone to fits of anger, and with a thousand yard stare, they float on with their lives without any memory of their capture. 

And then there much talk of the storm looming on the horizon...

While talking, drinking, and eating in the Moonstone Mask, a group of cloaked strangers came in from the rain. While shaking off their wet cloaks the adventurers got a bad feeling about them. Soon, their hesitation was rewarded as the cloaked strangers threw back their hoods. Some revealed wild masks, others revealed circus-like costumes, while others simply looked deranged. They shouted "For Asmodeus!" and raised clubs branded with the same markings as the kidnapped. After striking down an innocent civilian, the room erupted into chaos and battle.

After a daring bout with the maniacs in cloaks, some of which ended in a rooftop chase to save Lady Nidris, the adventurers triumphed. But who were these Asmodeus cultists? Where are they hiding? Why are they kidnapping people and causing chaos in the city? All will be revealed if you continue adventuring with us!
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