Beyond the Screen - D&D Encounters Storm Over Neverwinter - Session 7 Recap

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D&D Encounters Storm Over Neverwinter - Session 7 Recap
written by Giaco Furino

You weren't even supposed to make it this far, you know? Chartilifax, that giant green dragon who spit madness and poison at you and your friends, was supposed to take care of you. He was supposed to chew you up and spit you out! But you sent him howling into the storm-soaked night, and you made it to the second floor of the Cathedral at Helm's Hold.

But as you and your compatriots stepped onto the second floor a great boom of thunder shook the cathedral. The windows exploded inward from the pressure of the storm as bolts of lightning struck the group. That lightning, sparkling and zapping against the ground, slowly began to take shape. Soon, astonishing though it was to behold, humanoid elemental surges of energy began wandering around the room.

New to this world, they didn't bother with the adventurers until the heroes got too close. Then they unleashed their crackling fury! After a tough battle and a few singed hairs, the heroes vanquished their foes and climbed the steps to the third level. There, out on the roof in the storm, awaits Elden Vargas and his deranged wife.

Nothing will end his love for her, not even a group of meddling heroes!
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