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Back in the old days when it was still kind of a niche genre, western RPG developers were constantly experimenting with new ways to emulate the experience of a tabletop role-playing game in video game form. One of those experiments, developed by BioWare and released in 1998, was Baldur's Gate, which brought the 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons ruleset to life in a tactical real-time open adventure through the Sword Coast region of D&D's famous "Forgotten Realms" campaign setting.

Presented here is Beamdog's 2012-2014 "Enhanced Edition" of that beloved CRPG classic, with only one modification to speak of: a mod that inserts the original 1998 game's FMV movies back in, because the stillframe artwork FMVs that Beamdog replaced them with aren't even half as good.
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