ALFA Waterdeep - a Neverwinter Nights Persistent World (PW) server: trailer

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This is an old trailer for Waterdeep, one of the original ALandFarAway (ALFA) servers, a persistent world Dungeons & Dragons ruleset online roleplaying community built on Bioware's engine for their classic game, Neverwinter Nights, which was re-released under license by Beamdog in 2018 as 'Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition'.

I found this video on my hard drive from way back in the day. I think it must have been made in about 2005 or something - apparently by HDM Xerxes.

Waterdeep is still going strong, over a decade and a half later - come join us and experience The City of Splendours(TM) first hand in all its pixelated glory!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own this video or its music.
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